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Mini Toggle Trailer Light Tester 12 Volt

With LED technology, twenty four volt power is no longer necessary to test lights of the truck trailer, unless standard twenty four volt globes are still used. These LED lights are multi-voltage, which means they are twelve volt (12v) and twenty four volt (24v) compatible.
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About Our New Mini Trailer Light Tester


Our newly built mini trailer light tester comes with a list of progressive changes that will make handling, carrying out tests, and finding faults a lot easier. The first change is that you can choose between a toggle or a remote control tester. Second, is the size of the tester, with LED lights and their low power consumption, high capacity (AH) batteries are no longer required; thus, our tester can now be smaller in size. Third, is that you have the option to increase battery capacity as this tester allows you to add two extra 12v1.4ah size batteries (three in total). The batteries will go into the bottom enclosure, which can be easily accessed. Fourth, the tester will completely change the way it monitors its battery. The built-in Drok LCD digital energy meter will read the voltage, ampere, power, and accumulated electric energy from the tester battery. It will start monitoring the tester battery when you first switched it on, carrying out tests, or putting power back when re-charging the battery. And lastly, fifth, this tester now have flashing indicators. The flashing indicator device uses less than three percent or thirty-five milliamperes of power from the tester battery, an improvement that will ensure long-lasting battery life. The device will work on both, whichever lights the trailer or caravan has, standard globes, or LED lights.


Device Description:


Test truck trailer, light vehicle trailer, interlink trailer/s and caravan tow electrical plug seven pin (round-7-pin), wiring and lights.


Ready to use built-in FORBATT 12v4.2ah batteries (three in total) of the same size connected in parallel. The tester also comes with a fully automatic charger. After a day's work, connect the charger and let it recharge overnight for the next working day.


Drok smart LCD electrical energy meter measure percentage and AH of remaining capacity of the tester battery. Positive and negative bi-directional current when using or recharging the tester battery. The voltage of the tester battery. Positive and negative power when using or recharging the tester battery. Positive and negative bi-directional accumulated electric energy when using or recharging the tester battery. The display backlight of the meter can be easily turned on or off. The meter is equipped with a full angle view LCD screen for displaying clearly day or night, indoor or outdoor, even under direct sunlight. The meter has a flashing alarm function to draw your attention when the actual voltage is higher or lower than preset alarming voltage, and real current is higher than preset current. This meter will also flash to remind you to charge your device when the battery's remaining capacity is low.


Supply power from battery to tester controlled by 20-Ampere rocker switch.


Tests are carried out through toggle switches.


Testing circuits protected by a standard automotive blade fuse (7.5A). The fuse holder is located next to the trailer socket on the tester.


*NEW  built-in indicator flasher device (only uses 35mA of battery power) that will work on both standard globes and LED lights. Output controlled by two 10-Ampere relays through main fuse.


Fuse protected twelve-volt output terminals red (+) and black (-) located on the side of the tester.


Side handle for easy carrying.


Reverse polarity protected and flyback voltage protected.


Testing Features:


Check wiring circuit standard (SABS).


Check auxiliary wire connection.


Test 12 volt standard globes.


Test LED lights 12+24 volt.


Test stop light wiring and light bulbs/ LED.


Test left-hand tail light wiring and light bulbs/ LED.


Test right-hand tail light wiring and light bulbs/ LED.


Test left-hand indicator wiring and light bulbs/ LED.


Test right-hand indicator wiring and light bulbs/ LED.


Load test on all light circuits.


Earth/ground wire test - tester will immediately indicate when there is no earth/ground connection. It will also indicate a swapped earth/ground wire between light circuits or on the auxiliary circuit.


Short circuit test - the easy replaceable fuse on the tester will blow when a short-circuit occurs on wires, globes, globe fittings, and damaged plugs or sockets. Refer to the user manual to learn more about how to safely and adequately test for shorts using this tester.


What's In The Box:


Mini toggle tester

Rechargeable battery FORBATT 12VDC/4.2AH (already installed)

Fully automatic charger 12VDC/2A

Fuses 7.5 ampere

Fuses 5 ampere

Quick guide


Other Information of Device:


Length: 177mm

Width: 154mm

Height: 200mm

Weight: 3kg

Power input voltage: 12VDC

Power output voltage: 12VDC

Current output maximum: 20A


Drok Smart LCD Meter Input Settings:


AH: 4.2ah (rated capacity of battery)

FU: 12.8 (voltage for fully charged)

HU: 16 (over-voltage alarming)

LU: 9 (low-voltage alarming)

HA: 7 (over-current alarming)


Download the user manual of this device to set parameters accordingly.


Shipping Box Dimensions and Weight:


Length: 260mm

Width: 160mm

Height: 250mm

Weight: 4kg