Twelve Volt (12/24v) Trailer, Caravan and Motorcar Tow Light Tester

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Basic TLT
12V / 24V 20A
Professional TLT
12V / 24V 20A
Vehicle TST
12V / 24V 10A
Mini Toggle TLT
12V 20A
Mini Remote Control TLT
12V 30A
R 1,350.00
R 2,399.00
R 1,350.00
R 3,300.00
R 5,499.00


Since 2012 and up to the present, we have provided our selection of trailer light tester units to auto workshops, trailer rental businesses, tow-bar installers, truck and trailer companies, motor dealerships, and many other businesses dealing with trailers and caravans across the country. These trailer light testers have established themselves as essential tools for individual owners looking for a quick fix.


With our trailer light testers, you can test the electrical light circuits of your vehicle, caravan, or trailer separately and independently. The inclusion of a fully explanatory guide and videos will also make them useful for DIYers who own trailers or caravans. These testers are made of high-quality materials, but if something breaks, it can be repaired or replaced. A key feature of the testers is that they are now completely portable due to their new size, which makes working with them a lot more practical and convenient.


Our trailer light testers are easy to operate, and certain tasks that previously required the assistance of another person are no longer necessary. Testing, repairing, and solving problems have become much easier. Also, if there was a dispute about whether or not a trailer's electrical plug was correctly wired, you now have the ability to resolve such matters successfully and quickly. Thus, you can maintain a positive customer experience, save time, make more money, and maintain your level of excellence. Best of all, your business will appear much more comprehensive and professional, and ensuring the safety of your customers will be a top priority.

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  • On the tester's description page, there is a link to the user guide.


  • We also customize tester units to customer requirements and  specifications. Please contact us for more details in this regard.


  • With LED technology, twenty-four-volt power is no longer necessary to test the lights of the truck trailer unless the trailer still uses twenty-four-volt globes. These LED lights are multi-voltage, which means they are compatible with twelve-volt (12 V) and twenty-four-volt (24 V).