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Basic Trailer Light Tester

With LED technology, twenty four volt power is no longer necessary to test lights of the truck trailer, unless standard twenty four volt globes are still used. These LED lights are multi-voltage, which means they are twelve volt (12v) and twenty four volt (24v) compatible.
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Device Description:


Test truck trailer, light vehicle trailer, interlink trailer/s and caravan tow electrical plug seven pin (round-7-pin), wiring, and lights.


Tests are carried out through toggle switches.


Testing circuits protected by a standard automotive blade fuse (7.5A). The fuse holder is located next to the trailer socket on the tester.


The tester is operated only by using any external 12 volt or 24 volt DC power.


Side handle for easy carrying.

Testing Features:


Check wiring circuit standard (SABS).


Check auxiliary wire connection.


Test 12 volt and 24 volt standard globes.


Test LED lights 12+24 volt.


Test stop light wiring and light bulbs/ LED.


Test left-hand tail light wiring and light bulbs/ LED.


Test right-hand tail light wiring and light bulbs/ LED.


Test left-hand indicator wiring and light bulbs/ LED.


Test right-hand indicator wiring and light bulbs/ LED.


Load test on all light circuits.


Earth/ground wire test - tester will immediately indicate when there is no earth/ground connection. It will also indicate a swapped earth/ground wire between light circuits or on the auxiliary circuit.


Short circuit test - the easy replaceable fuse on the tester will blow when a short-circuit occurs on wires, globes, globe fittings, and damaged plugs or sockets. Refer to the user manual to learn more about how to safely and adequately test for shorts using this tester.

What's In The Box:


Basic tester

Fuses 7.5 ampere

Quick guide

Other Information of Device:


Length: 150mm

Width: 160mm

Height: 123mm

Weight: 0.7kg

Power input voltage: 12/24VDC

Power output voltage: 12/24VDC

Current output maximum: 20A

Shipping Box Dimensions and Weight:


Length: 260mm

Width: 160mm

Height: 170mm

Weight: 1.5kg