Workshops today need special tools for to days motorcar. Most motor-cars are full of sensors and modules and all kinds of gadgets. To diagnose a vehicle as a technician you need at least some sort of a scanner. The scanner can point you to the faulty sensor or module or whatever electronic part is faulty. Some scanner does have build-in in oscilloscope which you can use to check components, but they are very expensive. As a technician you need some sort of oscilloscope, The problem is you can't be a part changer, the scanner can't test the sensor or some other parts. You need an oscilloscope. You can back probe the sensor, injector, etc and while the engine is running, you can see the operation of it and if there is no signal from the sensor then you can be for sure that that sensor is faulty. See the image below.
Picoscope test cam sensor
Most The above image was done with Picoscope, this is an expensive oscilloscope, the vehicle was a Honda civic 1600 with camshaft sensor problems. The engine was cutting out when the cam sensor stops working. I have connected the red channel to the coil power supply wire with a low amp clamp, my idea was to identify when the cam sensor stops signaling and that the coils were still operating. In other words, the camp sensor and coil outputs do not stop simultaneously. I need to see if it is the cam sensor that cuts out the engine of this car. If the cam sensor is not working the engine won't start. You can see the red line is still signaling (the coil) and the blue line is straight, with no signal from the cam sensor. So the cam sensor is faulty. The engine was just about dying at that moment. After I have replaced the cam sensor the engine does not cut out. The next image (below) was done with Handtek 1008 oscilloscope. This scope is not so expensive. I could with this scope determine that the Mercedes c240 m272 v6 camshafts and crankshaft are out of synchro, what I mean is that the faults the scanner got from the ECU are that there are problems with the righthand bank camshaft synchro and balancing shaft wear. I have to make sure that there were problems with the timing chain before I do the job because it is a big job and expensive. The Hantek oscilloscope has 8 channel so I need 5 channels to do the diagnose, my picoscope have only 2 channels. With the image below you will see right at the bottom is the crank sensor waveform and the ones above are from the 4 cams. This image proof the cam and crank synchro is out. After I have done the job no more faults and the engine runs perfectly.
Test sensors with Handtek 1008
For those technicians who just want a small and cheap scope, you can look at the next little scope, it is as big as a cell phone. DANIU ADS5012H Digital 2.4-inch TFT Screen Anti-burn Oscilloscope 500MS/s Sampling Rate 100MHz Analog Bandwidth Support Waveform Storage and Built-in Large 3000mah Capacity Lithium Battery. This scope can test many sensors, cam crank abs sensor, Map,maf sensors, and throttle sensors, and many more. It only has one channel but that is ok for testing. You do sometimes only have to test the signal of one sensor at a time.  I have one and it is small and mobile easy to use especially if you under the car to test sensors. See the images below. For more on scope testing and wave forms click Here
Hand held scope
Testing cam sensor with Danui handheld scope
Here you can see a waveform from a cam sensor that I have tested.
If you are interested in the Handtek Scope you can visit the following link.
If you are interested in the small scope Daniu then you can visit the next link. If you want me to order it for you can contact me here.     
We also will help you to diagnose your car's problem to make sure what exactly is wrong. Contact us and we will help.

Motorcar Workshops Needs Automotive Oscilloscopes

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