As a motor mechanic. I dont just fix my customers motorcars but also their computers. So I can do the following:

1.Our services include, hardware installation, upgrades, repairs, software installation for desktop computer only.

2.We install ADSL modems and cables or wire less connections at your home or office.

3.Web design and advertising.

If we cannot help you can contact

Phone: Willem Cell: 083 332 1900


Connect your mobile phone to your car radio with Bluetooth Wireless Audio Receiver Module for Loudspeaker Bluetooth DIY Projects.
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Gratis Diens Kwotasie
Service and Repairs to Petrol and Diesel Cars
Engine ECU Management
Peter Tune Up & Repairs
We Service and Repairs all Makes of Cars
and LDV's...In Roodepoort Area.
We make use of expensive diagnose
scanners and oscilloscope tools.
Repairs Services Diagnose
Services, Repairs
Petrol and Diesel Engines  Major/Minor
car services
Brakes and braking system
Cambelts & tensioners
Gearbox & Diff
Clutch replacements
Power Steering repairs
Engine Computer Management 
Computer system
Airbags - Reset
ABS Brakes- Reset
System reset
Gas and smoke
Print-out report
Trailer Tester
Test the trailer,caravan and motorcar wiring
circuit according (S A B S)
standard. And much more..
Top Downloads:
Alternator-Starter manual

Important Videos:
Trailer Tester

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