A Volvo came in for not starting at all. The first time I try to start the car it just sort of run a few seconds then it dies. I could hear this was a fuel problem. I have turn the key ignition switch on and off a few times without cranking the engine, it started then. Well that makes things a bit difficult. I got no faults from the engine control module (ECU), so now I must look further. I have connected a fuel pressure gauge at the fuel filter to see if I can determine something.(see photo below).

Pressure test Volvo fuel pressure

Just look at the gauge

Test Volvo Fuel pressure

I had to switch the engine off because the pressure is going higher and higher. The gauge reading is 600kpa where the pressure for this car should be between 3.6 – 4.0 kpa. 6.0 kpa is far to high. This is, in fact dangerous because the fuel pipes can start to leak. The reason for the high pressure is the fuel pressure regulator valve is in the fuel pump assembly, it is either locked or stucked in the closed position.

The Fuel pump is in the petrol tank and you have to drop the fuel tank to replace the pump. I bought a new pump from the agents and replaced the old pump with the new pump.

Volvo pump pressure to high

It is not so difficult to remove the fuel tank in fact it is easier than most cars. Well after the petrol was fittedĀ  I start the engine and well look at the photo below. The pressure is spot on.

Volve fuel Pressure correctly

Another happy customer.


Updated: 21st Jan 2020 — 7:39 pm

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