Kia Sorento 2012 CRDI 2.2 Engine Cranks But Is Not Running

The other day, this car came in as a non-runner.  The customer said that he thinks it is the coded key; he said he never saw the key warning light come on. But according to the manual of the car, the light should come on when you turn on the key but should go off after the engine runs; if it blinks, then there is a fault with the code key. I have scanned the UCE for faults, but there were no faults—nothing would give me any indication of the engine not running. The next thing is to check the fuel supply. The scanner has the option to activate the electric low-pressure pump in the fuel tank. On the first try, the pump was activated. I have tried again, but this time it failed 3 times.

I have removed the back left rear seats because the fuel pump is in the left side of the tank. I removed the whole unit to test it with a power source. What I have found is that between the terminals at the top of the fuel pump motor, the resistance was very high, something like 210k ohms, and that was too high. Under the top plastic cover of the fuel pump, the wires from the fuel pump connected to a male connector were not connecting properly. The terminals became hot because of the high current, which caused a bad connection. See the following image:.

Sorento Fuel Pump Repairs

See where the screwdriver is pointing. Now the pump is not running, which will cause the engine not to run. I have cut off both terminals and fitted new terminals see the image belowSorento Fuel Pump

After the repairs, the engine is running now. This car has 370000 km on the clock and small terminals for high current can cause problems.


Updated: 13th May 2024 — 7:32 pm

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