Ford Rocom Leaking Fuel Injectors

This vehicle came in because it has a misfire. I have connected a smoke tester to the intake and just saw smoke coming out of 2 x injectors – see video below.

This LDV (light delivery vehicle) got the same engine as the Ford Ka 1300. Whoever fits the new fuel injectors dit not make sure they are the same size. You can see in the video that the O ring is visible, it should go in deeper to seal properly. I have used a scope to see if the injectors are working properly. You will see the image below the injectors no 1 and 2 do not show any waveform I think the cables were faulty.

Testing Injectors with Handtek 1008

I have connect Picoscope to those injectors to make sure they are working – see image below

Testing injectors with Picoscope

The coil of this vehicle is also faulty it does not fire properly – so after replacing the two injectors with the correct size and replacing the coil the engine runs perfectly.

Updated: 20th Feb 2022 — 9:39 am

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