Polo TDI 1400 TD Oil Pump Chain Damages

If you are an owner of a Polo TDi 1400 TD, beware that this engine has a chain that drives the oil pump and balancing shaft. This chain is not very thick and tends to break anything between 80000km – 100000km. If this happens to you then you need to buy a new crankshaft, because the agents in South Africa don’t sell the chain gear apart from the crankshaft. It is a very expensive item and if you do a repair on this kind of problem you need to replace all chain gears and tensioner. It is better to replace all parts before the chain brakes. It is in my opinion, not a very good design. I have many customers who have very expensive repair bills because of this problem. I have a secondhand crankshaft for sale, you can get it for R2000.00 – it needs to be polished before you use it. See the image below. Contact me here if you are interesting to contact me at /www.petertuneup.co.za/contact.html


Updated: 25th Feb 2022 — 6:53 pm