OBD11 Code p1320 Nissan Almera 1600 Petrol

I had a problem with a Nissan Almera’s ECU. The car’s coils pack up and the owner of the vehicle had been driving it for over 150km with a dead coil. In the case of this vehicle, the ECU gets damaged if the coils stop firing. I had to send the ECU to Reconditioning Distributor Centre to be repaired. I patiently waited and finally got it back. What a shock the ECU does not work. I have returned the ECU many times back to Reconditioning Distributor Centre in Midrand, but they could not fix it. I have paid for the repairs, they have not refunded me, and there is no help in this country to help someone with this kind of problem to claim your money back. I had to send the ECU by courier to Cape Town DS AUTOMOTIVE ELECTRONICS CC , T/A DS Auto Electronics, Unit 23 – Central Park, Platinum Crescent, Milnerton 7441, Cape Town Tel: 021 555 0200, Tel/Fax: 021 5512748 . They fixed it properly and in no time.

The problem with this car ECU, it does not say which coil is faulty if it logs a fault code P1320, best is to replace all 4 coils with original coils, some after-market coils do not work properly on this vehicle. The engine warning light still comes on.

Updated: 25th Feb 2022 — 6:47 pm