If you have a Sorento 2.5td and you experience that the car/engine cuts out sometimes especially when you accelerate. The engine warning light comes on at the same time. You have to wait a minute or so, you can restart the vehicle and the car will go on ok for a while. This article will help you. If you have a scanner and the fault code is P1188, then this code stands for “Fuel pressure Leakage” There is a pressure drop and the sensor pick it up and to protect the engine the ECU cut off the engine. This fault code refer to a few problems:

1.Dirt in the fuel tanks

2.Fuel lines damaged/leaking

3.Dirty Diesel filter

4.Pressure regulator valve faulty.

5.Injectors maybe?

6.Diesel pump faulty.

To start from a point, go to the fuel tank first. Fortunately this car got an inspection hole under the rear seat. Remove the cover plate and then you will see the fuel tank unit, just remove the pipes and then the unit. I was lucky, the car I was inspecting, after removing the fuel tank sensor unit, I noticed the pick up pipe’s sieve was block with dirt – see attached image. You have to open this unit, because after I have open the unit I found more dirt inside – see attached image.

Inspect the; tank as well for any dirt. I have clean everything and replaced the fuel filter. This cure the problem. If in your case, you find there is no dirt , then inspect all fuel lines/filters. I would next check fuel pressure/fuel pressure sensor and the pump.

Updated: 20th Jul 2019 — 9:23 am

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