How To Install Front Wheel Bearings For A Honda Jazz 1500 The Right Way

If ever you want to install front wheel bearings for a Honda Jazz and you have the right tools to do it. Proceed with the followings tips:

1. Remove the wheel bearing from the front stub axle

2. Buy the right bearing – one with the magnetic seal for ABS –

The car ABS will not work if you fit the wrong bearing.

3. Fit the bearing with the magnetic seal towards the sensor, The bearing side with the magnetic seal must go in first into the stub axle, close to the sensor.

4. Make sure there are no signs of damage to the sensor.

To determine which side of the bearing has the magnetic seal, get a small round metal ball -size about 3mm, or anything thing small. See the attached image for an example. The red arrow point to the small metal ball which is attracted with magnetic force. The bearing other side will not attract the metal ball.

Updated: 20th Feb 2022 — 10:07 am

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