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Twelve Volt (12/24v) Trailer, Caravan & Motorcar Tow Light Tester

The Best Trailer Tester in South Africa

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How To Wire Your Vehicle Wiring


IMPORTANT: Before beginning installation, check your vehicle's owner's manual or the service manual to familiarize yourself with

the wiring of the rear lights and also if your vehicle comes out with an electronic tow control unit (E.T.C.U).


If your vehicle does come out with an electronic tow module, then it means that all your tow socket wiring must work through this module and you cannot connect the wiring directly to your vehicle rear lights. Contact your nearest dealer or any tow-bar installation shop to obtain the electrical tow socket wiring kit that works with your vehicle.


Follow the instructions that comes with your electrical tow socket wiring kit and connect the wiring as according to the SABS standard. After installation please check that both your vehicle and trailer or caravan lights are all work correctly and that each light circuit can handle the required amperage/load. Our vehicle and trailer testers can do all these tests the easy way.

Tow Socket/Plug Wiring Instructions


Use 7 core wire (8 mm gauge) socket/plug South Africa.


1) Yellow-Left Indicator

2) Blue-Spare/Fridge

3) White-Earth

4) Green-Right Indicator

5) Brown-Right Tail Lamps and Number Plate

6) Red - Stop Lamps

7) Black - Left Tail Lamp and Number Plate


Note. Pins 5 and 7 are normally bridged on older vehicles, trailers and caravans


The Earth - Common Return - (No 3 – white)


The tow hitch of the caravan or trailer must be on the tow bar of the vehicle so as to create an efficient earth connection. Terminal

no 3 (white) has a wire connected at the socket so as to ensure that the trailer/caravan is also connected, and this wire must

be connected to the chassis of the towing vehicle as well.


The Spare/Fridge. (No 2 – Blue) is used to connect the fridge. A 15 amp fuse connector should be connected as a safety precaution. It is recommended that if you do not feel happy doing it yourself it is then better get a tow bar/trailer specialist to undertake this operation.

Female tow electrical socket 5-pin or 7-pin

Male tow electrical plug 5-pin or 7-pin

Click link below if you want to see how it is done -

How To Connect Your Trailer Plug Wires To Your Vehicle.