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Circuit Buddy Tester - 6 to 48 volt

Circuit buddy is a circuit tester designed for the automotive industry and the used to test for current on wiring, fuses etc

The product is safe and easy to use, especially when piercing wire. the use of LED's instead of globes reduces the risk of damaged to electronics.

Directions to use

Checking Fuses/ connections

The unit is easliy used to test for current on fuses and connectors.

Ensure that the crocodile clip is secured to a ground point.

Piercing Wires

Insert the unit into the housing.

Always ensure that the lock is fully forward in the "clipped" position, when not used.

Circuit Buddy makes it easy and safe to pierce wires. Simply hook, press and make contact

every time.

The unit is spring loaded and returns after piercing.

Hand Free

While piercing simply pull the lock to retain hand free contact.


The LED indicates "red" when the pin makes contact to positive and the crocodile clip is negative. When turned around the LED indicates "green".

Should "red" and "green" indicate simultaneously the current is Ac

I really like this tester - if  you do not have someone to help you , this tester will be you exrta 3rd hand , because while checking for wiring polarity under the dasboard of a motorcar , and some wiring run to the engine bay and you need to check the polarity of those wiring , then this tester will save you the time.

Circuit Tester Circuit Tester
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