Volks Wagen CC 2lt TDI 2008 – P242A – Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor; B1 S3: Malfunction

The other day customer said his car’s glow plugs warning light is on. I have scanned to see what faults are there and just the following fault was logged: P242A – Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor; B1 S3: Malfunction. The car had the following symptoms:

1. Glow plug warning light on

2. Radiator fan stays on after the engine was turned off although the radiator pipes were not so hot. The fan should not turn on or stay on.

I first thought that there might be a problem with the glow plugs but after the scan, my attention was towards the Exhaust Gas Temp Sensor. I fought that maybe the sensor is faulty or the wiring is open or short circuit. I was very lucky, I saw the temp wire and that there was a connection made by someone who fitted a new sensor before, and as I pull slightly on the wire the one wire was not connected inside the blue connector. You have to pull on the wire to see if a proper connection is made. (see image below)

I have made a proper connection and gone is the code, no more codes and even the radiator fan does not stay on as before, it switches off when you switch off the engine and stays off. The glow plug warning light also goes off.


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