Navara came into the workshop with a engine idles roughly and and when you accelerate the engine jerks. I do suspect the ignition coils, a diagnose test show nothing. I pull out the coils and test them with a coil tester. All six were apparently cracked just below the coil it self. The coils work perfectly but because of these tiny cracks the spark will jump out to the metal side of the engine. The spark plugs are fitted deep into the cylinder head so the spark has to travel down to the plug. If this happen to your car coils you can use a rubber pipe, cut short peaces and pull them over the bottom part of the coil to insulate the coil’s barrel/tube as far as possible.

See the video below, this tip work quite good, the coils might be working perfectly for a long time

Updated: 20th Jul 2019 — 9:12 am

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