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Since 2012 up till currently, we have suppliedĀ our range of Trailer Light Tester units to auto workshops, trailer rental businesses, tow-bar installers, truck and trailer businesses, motor dealerships and many other similar businesses dealing with trailers and caravans across the country. Even private owners looking for a simple solution, have found our Light Tester indispensable.



For over 20 years working in the automobile repair and maintenance business, our workshop encountered many different  challenges with tow sockets and lights not functioning correctly on vehicles,  trailers, and caravans. Repairing these was already time-consuming, and working with testing equipment not ideal for the job was taking even longer. At times an extra person was needed to assist with certain tasks. Often work space was limited and it was difficult to get both the vehicle and the trailer in the same space to plug in and check lights.



It came to a situation where we desperately needed something to help us solve all our challenges with this. We needed a special tool which had to be as small as possible and portable as well but with full testing capabilities. We couldn't find anything on the market at that time. So we started building a Trailer Light Tester tool for our workshop. This tool really was a game changer in our business and after seeing a strong need for this tool, we decided to place this tool on the market to assist others.



Safety is always priority and requires full functioning brake lights and turn indicators to keep other motorists aware of your intentions as you drive. These safety factors become even more critical when you're towing a caravan or trailer, since you are effectively increasing the "length" of your vehicle and decreasing its maneuverability. Since the caravan or trailer is likely to block your vehicle's brake lights and turn indicators, trailer lights help ensure that safety isn't compromised when you tow. Thus to be safe on the road, one needs  to make sure that the electrical wiring circuits from the vehicle and trailer or caravan work one hundred percent effectively.



With our testers, you can test the vehicle, caravan or trailer electrical light circuits separately and independently. Testing, repairing and solving problems has become so much easier. Just plug in and start testing in a stress free and easy way.



Our testers are fully portable and you can test vehicles, trailers or caravans on the spot. Should there be a dispute concerning faulty wiring, it can be resolved immediately and effectively. Best of all! Your business will be so much more comprehensive and professional  as well as ensuring that your customer's safety is a priority.



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