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If you have problems with your washing machine or tumble dryer , contact us we will do our outer best to repair your machine. If we can't do it , we will refer you to someone who can do it for you. Our main business is to repair/service motorcars or LDV"s , click on "Home" in the left menu to go there. You may ask why then this wep page , it is because our customers sometimes ask us to repair there washing machines, they even ask us to repair there Desktop Computers Click on "PC Repairs" to go there. Instead of repairing your washing machine, maybe it is better

to replace it.

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Our Customers also ask us to do some electrical repairs/faults they may have in there homes, that is if any 220 volt plugs are not working or the circuit breaker keep on tripping or any similar problems , if it is possible for as to attend to the problem immediately we will do so , or we will make an appointment to do the repairs. Well that is not all if you really want to know who you are , why have you been born on this planet , click on "Christ as us" and read all the articles on that site , there is a magazine which you can download, or a mp3 sound message about your Spiritual Birthing and many more , just go there and enjoy.

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