Author Topic: Polo FSI 2LT or Jetta Engine Oil Pump Replacement  (Read 5614 times)


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Polo FSI 2LT or Jetta Engine Oil Pump Replacement
« on: August 13, 2012, 09:10:15 PM »
If ever you have to replace the oil pump of a Polo/Jetta FSI Engine then I have some help for you. There are not proper marks to replace the pump. You have to make you own marks on the old pump before you remove the pump.

Make sure the engine is on tdc and the cambelt alignment is correct , fortunately there is proper cambelt marks to work on. Mark your old pump where you want , but just on the gear of the balancing shafts. The other gear is for the oil pump.

If you do not know how to mark it, I have a picture attached to show you.

You will see the red arrow point to a hole which I have col-loured blue, there is a  mark on the balancing gear pulley (see yellow arrow) make sure the gear and the blue hole align as per the picture and fit the pump accordingly.

Hope this helps
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